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Cytoskeleton Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                                          C     M    
                                          O     Y    
                M I C R O T U B U L E S   R     O    
                  N                       T     S    
              C Y T O P L A S M I C S T R E A M I N G
                  E                       X     N    
                  M I C R O F I L A M E N T S        
C E N T R O S O M E                                  
                  D Y N E I N S                      
              C Y T O S K E L E T O N                
                  I                   A              
          B A S A L B O D Y           C              
                  A                   T              
                  M O T O R P R O T E I N S          
                  E                   N              
              C E N T R I O L E S                    
                P S E U D O P O D I A                
Across Down
3 A hollow rod composed of tubulin proteins that makes up part of the cytoskeleton in all eukaryotic cells and is found in cilia and flagella.
5 A circular flow of cytoplasm, involving interactions of myosin and actin filaments, that speeds the distribution of materials within cells.
6 A cable composed of actin proteins in the cytoplasm of almost every eukaryotic cell, making up part of the cytoskeleton and acting alone or with myosin to cause cell contraction.
7 A structure present in the cytoplasm of animal cells that functions as a microtubule-organizing center and is important during cell division; has two centrioles.
8 In cilia and flagella, a large motor protein extending from one microtubule doublet to the adjacent doublet; ATP hydrolysis lead to bending of cilia and flagella.
9 A network of microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments that extend throughout the cytoplasm and serve a variety of mechanical, transport, and signaling functions.
11 A eukaryotic cell structure consisting of a 9 + 0 arrangement of microtubule triplets; may organize the microtubule assembly of a cilium or flagellum and is structurally very similar to a centriole.
12 A protein that interacts with cytoskeletal elements and other cell components, producing movements of the whole cell or parts of the cell.
13 A structure in the centrosome of an animal cell composed of a cylinder of microtubule triplets arranged in a 9 + 0 pattern.
14 A cellular extension of amoeboid cells used in moving and feeding.
1 The outer region of cytoplasm in a eukaryotic cell, lying just under the plasma membrane, that has a more gel-like consistency than the inner regions due to the presence of multiple microfilaments; in plants, ground tissue that is between the vascula
2 A type of motor protein that associates into filaments that interact with actin filaments to cause cell contraction.
4 A component of the cytoskeleton that includes filaments intermediate in size between microtubules and microfilaments.
10 A globular protein that links into chains, two of which twist helically about each other, forming microfilaments in muscle and other kinds of cells.
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