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Daily Language Arts Crossword Puzzle

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Daily Language Arts

Use the hint to find the words.

                          1       2   3            
            6                         7            
14         15                                        
                  17                         18      
                  19       20   21       22            
Across Down
5 to not provide
6 shows state of being or action
8 a number that can only be dividing itself and one
10 showing good will
12 Final prayer
14 Showing ill will.
16 Low standard
17 Nasty and Disgusting
19 complete statement that has a subject and a predicate
23 blunt/rough
24 Not Clear
1 The main character in the book, 'Things Fall Apart'
2 Tired
3 person, place, thing, quality or idea
4 Okonkwo's village
5 A group of words that make a complete statement and has a subject and a predicate.
7 a deep narrow pass with steep heights
9 tribute to a god,idol or spirit
11 Holy
13 One of two or more numbers that when multiplied together produce a given product.
15 Okonkwo's father
18 He was sacrificed to the village of Umuofia by their neighbors to avoid war.
20 Lazy
21 to work for a share of the crop
22 The ability to put yourself in somebody's else's shoes.
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