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Dance Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 slow slow quick quick, sneaky glides across the floor
3 slow slow quick quick, upbeat high energy
7 60's style club dance (not from 2000's)
8 father of jazz
10 slow slow quick quick quick, dramatic sharp
11 slow quick quick slow, slinky easy to teach and learn
12 a heal drop pick up the heel and lowering it to make a sound
13 Famous tap dancer when tap wasn't popular
17 Ballroom look to tap
22 jazz dance used head and torso for a look of elegance
23 to bend, bending both knees
24 Child tap Prodigy
28 to stretch, stretched leg ppointed to the ground
29 someone who designs dances
31 if you refer to this dance using this word, your are a poser
32 jump shuffle jump
33 big stretch, great big kick
35 caribbean dance, famous African
38 dance industry responded to hip-hop by creating a commercial version
42 where Flamenco started
43 chain, series of 1/2 turn
44 slow slow quick quick quick, upbeat springy high energy
45 where Juba dancing started
46 brush front step
47 preforming the same movement at different starting times
48 refers to timing in dance
49 to melt, both legs bend and straighten at the same time
1 round of the leg, make a half circle with leg
4 Known for energetic style and athletic dancing style
5 moving the arms
6 freezing from a fast movement and locking in a cretain position
9 step back on one foor then step front with the other
14 space/time, dynamics/energy, form/structure
15 step shuffle jump toe
16 improvisational in nature and fast complex foot-oriented
18 to rise, lifting the heel
19 characteristics of ballet
20 the illusion of being a robot
21 tap came from here to cinema in 1930
25 toe drop using the edge of the shoe
26 to strike, toes brush in
27 to whirl, a turn with one leg in passe and the other straight
30 free expressive exaggerated and highly energettic movement- angry
34 brush front brush back
36 where Lancashire clogging started
37 African American experiences
38 fastest legs in show business
39 where step dancing started
40 quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk
41 leaning, tillt of the body with arms and legs moving in unison
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