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Dance Crossword Puzzle

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Can you fill in the correct answers???

                      1       2                    
          3               4       5                
                8                     9            
      11     12               13                      
                17                       18          
  20                         21                      
24                             25     26              
Across Down
9 Meaning to chase, sliding the foot front, back or sideways
10 Back, Side, Front
11 A position of the leg where it is kept to the side
14 Rotation of the hips in a outward motion
15 High Kick either front side or back
17 Famous ballet performed at Christmas Time
20 Long horizontal jump with hips facing front either on right or left side
23 Miss Traci
24 A principle lead female dancer
27 Half circle of the leg
28 Popular show on Lifetime
29 To prick
30 Classic ballet skit
1 To assemble you feet together in the air
2 Movement of the upper body
3 A position where the dancer stands on one leg and the other is raised at hip height and is bent at the knee
4 Slow moment
5 A non traveling turn on one leg, of one or more rotations
6 To glide
7 A principle lead male dancer
8 Tv show where celebrities try their best at dancing
12 Turning the foot inward
13 To fall
16 Meaning to 'pass' The foot is placed either in front or behind the knee
18 To rise up
19 To jump
21 Meaning to melt
22 Meaning to disengage, brushing the foot to a 45 degree angle sharply front side or back
25 Step of the Cat
26 To point your toe to the front, side or back
28 A half bend of the knees
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