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Dance Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Dance Vocabulary

                A   D          
                C   E          
                C   G          
                E   A   F      
            C   N   G   O      
          P O R T D E B R A S  
            N           M      
T           T               E  
E         P R O J E C T I O N  
N           A               E  
D Y N A M I C S             R  
U           T   J           G  
      M U S I C A L I T Y   Y  
      O     O   Z     U        
S A U T E   N   Z   F R A P P E
P     I         W     N        
A     F         A   C O U P E  
C               L     U        
E               K     T I M E  
Across Down
5 The carriage of the arms
8 A confident presentation of one's body and energy to communicate movement and meaning vividly to an audience
9 The eneergy of movement expressed in varying intensity, accent, and quality
11 Attention and sensitivity to the musical elements of dance while creating or performing.
13 To jump
14 To strike
15 To cut. The working leg is placed on the ankle of the other leg with the toes pointed.
16 Main element of choreography. EX: speed- fast, sustained, sudden, rushed, held, duration
1 A strong movement or gesture
2 To disengage
3 Main element of choreography. Goes hand in hand with 'structure.' EX: Motif, repetition, theme & variation, narrative.
4 A basic movement in the technique of Martha Graham based on breath inhalation and exhalation. The front of the torso is concave so that the spine curves outward slightly.
6 To stretch
7 Main element of choreography. EX: force- dynamic range, pull, press, strike, slash, dab, flick, glide
10 A 'fancy dancer walk' that can be performed in plie or releve with isolation movements in any direction at any tempo. The walk is on the ball of the foot and the step is longer than a natural stride.
11 A distinctive and recurring gesture used to provide a theme or unifying idea
12 Refers to the turnout of the legs at the hip joints only as far as that position can be maintained without disturbing the body alignment. Ideal turnout is 180 degrees, however, this is highly unrealistic for most beginning dancers.
13 Main element of choreography. EX: pathways, direction, proximity, levels.
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