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Dark They Were, And Golden-eyed Crossword Puzzle

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Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed

                    1     2                            
      4     5         6             7                  
8                                                     9
                              10             11          
      12               13                                
  16                                         17          
                  20                     21              
                  23               24                    
                              26       27                
              28           29                            
Across Down
1 the red planet
6 'I---I want to change ____ _______.'
7 Dan's Martian name
8 Martian word for 'father'
10 Harry decided to build this.
11 lawn turned this color
12 odd feature on cow
14 These were left behind. They symbolized knowledge.
15 new color of their eyes
16 symbol for 'change'
17 Harry said the air had burned it and that it was all warped out of shape.
18 destroyed New York
19 these turned green
22 Harry would only eat food from this
23 He reported that the Martians in the hills were very friendly.
27 It had blue marble halls, large murals, and a swimming pool.
28 family's last name
30 He offered to sell Harry metal for five hundred dollars.
31 Harry wanted to burn this
32 the season everyone thought would be better to do work
2 First food Harry ate that was grown on Mars
3 Time period before rescue rocket arrived
4 This character had a similar reaction about Mars that Harry had.
5 'but the ___ was never gone....a third unbidden partner at every dawn....
9 David's Martian name
11 imported as a sapling from Massachusetts
13 Daughter left these behind.
20 Laura's Martian name
21 The colonists often seem confused because they are losing their ___.
24 'Nevertheless, man lives by symbol and label. The ____ were given.
25 'Maybe we're ____, too. At least to Mars. That's a thought.'
26 'Such ___ people. I'm glad they're gone.'
29 Martian word for planet Earth
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