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Dartmoor Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 Tors are made from it. (7)
2 Dartmoor has plenty of . which is made up of different fauna and flora. (8)
7 The activity of growing crops and raising livestock which is very important on Dartmoor (7)
12 The building is made of granite to keep people in.(8,6)
14 Tourist attraction was the inspiration for a film.(8,3)
15 Dartmoor is a .. . There are 15 of these in the UK protecting the wildlife. (8,4)
16 An activity where people look for stamps hidden on the moors. (12)
20 Tracks from Haytor Quarry down to Stover Canal to carry granite.(7,7)
21 The home of Dartmoor prison.(10)
22 The military use Dartmoor as a . to practice. (6,5)
23 Natural movement of the air. There is lots of this on Dartmoor. (4)
24 A simple ancient bridge made out of slabs of stone.(7,6)
27 The gradual destruction of something by wind, water or other natural agents. (7)
28 Big rocks made out of granite on Dartmoor. (3)
1 Looking for treasures using your phone.(10)
3 The .. on Dartmoor is different throughout the year.(7)
4 Standing stones.(7)
5 One of the most famous Tors on Dartmoor which is popular for climbers. (6)
6 A large, deep pit from which stones and materials are dug. (6)
8 This substance is mined in Dartmoor to make pottery.(5,4)
9 Rocks around Tors. (7)
10 Dartmoor is an extensive area
11 Second highest waterfall in England.(10,5)
13 Animals that Dartmoor is famous for. (6)
17 Partly decomposed vegetable matter found on Dartmoor.(4)
18 A place where people dig for materials from the ground. (4)
19 Area of wet, muddy ground.(3)
23 The wearing away of rocks on Dartmoor by the wind and rain. (10)
25 A flowing channel which leads to the sea. The Dart takes its name from Dartmoor. (6)
26 Dartmoor is in the County of .. .(5)
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