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Dartmoor Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 forest
4 place criminals are kept
6 the place that stone is extracted
7 the land animals are kept for business
8 it's all in the eye of the beholder
13 county in south west England
14 how animals in a place interact with the countryside
16 sport for weight loss
17 wild and windy
20 guarded area
23 the place where tin is extracted
24 slang for people of a certain area
25 undeveloped and natural
28 small horse
1 a plant that grows on rocks
2 Dartmoor is this
3 the indigenous animals
5 the land between two mountains
8 part of a title for a Sherlock Holmes book
9 undeveloped
10 rock used for London bridge
11 extremely old
12 bright and colourful
15 the business of having visitors to your area
18 a spiked wild fern plant
19 myths of grandeur
21 giant pieces of granite on Dartmoor
22 large herbivores with two stomachs
26 they have firing range on Dartmoor
27 large pebble
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