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Death OF A Salesman Crossword Puzzle

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Death of a Salesman

  7                 8                                      
      10   11                 12                              
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    19               20                                      
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Across Down
8 fired the main character form his job
9 what can't the main character do anymore
13 great fear
16 title of play
17 who does the main character want to be like
18 main characters son leave a resturant with these
20 what the eldest son stole from his job before the play started
21 unrestricted power
24 pale; lacking color
25 dead brother of main character
26 disappointed
30 what the main character plants but won't grow
31 where was the eldest son for three months
1 main character
2 eldest son of main character
3 boy who helped the eldest son cheat in school
4 a flirtatious man
5 who main character gives stockings to
6 what the main character says to his sons about his life
7 a malicious desire to harm someone
10 where does the play take place
11 a religious service for the dead
12 class eldest son failed
14 an extremely beautiful young man
15 youngest son of main character
19 where brother of main character made his money
22 wife of main character
23 how main character died
26 neighbor and best friend of main character
27 occupation of main character
28 what did the main characters father play
29 few words
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