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Death Penalty Crossword Puzzle

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Death Penalty

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Across Down
1 The first official American execution occurred when Kendall was executed for the crime of?
4 What state was the latest state to outlaw capital punishment?
6 What state performed the first execution with one-drug intravenous lethal injection?
7 Who should not participate in executions?
8 _________ ______ is produced by dropping either potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide into a pan of hydrochloric acid.
9 The first US state to outlaw the death penalty for all crimes.
10 What state was the last to use electrocution as its sole method of execution?
15 How were 85 percent of people executed from the US?
16 What state allows the use of firing squad if lethal injections and electrocutions are found unconstitutional?
17 Who was the last person to be executed in California? He happened to be the oldest one.
2 The US Supreme Court ruled the execution of mentally retarded offenders ___________.
3 How many states authorize the use of the gas chamber as a method of execution?
5 Does Michigan have the death penalty?
11 What was the number one occupation of Americans executed?
12 Who was the third convicted killer in thirty-three years to be executed by firing squad?
13 What state executed more people then any other state?
14 At least 17.833 people are under sentence of death _______.
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