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Decision Making Crossword Puzzle

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Decision Making

Complete the crossword puzzle by matching the word with the definition.

                      1       2           3       4
              9                                 10  
      15         16                                  
Across Down
7 process of ending a conflict through cooperation and problem solving
8 goal that you can reach in a short period of time
9 someone who purchases or uses health products or services
12 steps that enable you to make a healthful decision
13 people or groups who take on regional, national, and international consumer issues
14 skills that help you reduce and manage stress in your life
16 exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people
18 communication strategies that help you to say no when urged to take part in unsafe behaviors
19 goal that you plan to reach over an extended period of time
1 multi-stop strategy to identify and achieve your goals
2 failure by a health professional to meet accepted standards
3 sale of worthless products or services that claim to prevent disease or cure health problems
4 written or spoken media message designed to interest consumers to purchase a product or service
5 specific tools and strategies to maintain, protect, and improve all aspects of your health
6 reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges and demands
7 judging the benefits of different products by comparing factors
10 things that you aim for that take planning and work
11 taking action to influence others to address/ support health related issues
15 ideas, beliefs, and attitudes about what is important that help guide the way you live
17 company or store written agreement to repair a product or refund money if product is not functioning
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