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Defense System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Defense System

                S P L E E N            
            L   U                      
            Y   P                      
            M   P                      
            P   R             H        
            H   E             E        
            A   S             L        
            T   S             P        
            I   O             E        
            C I R C U L A T O R Y      
              T H Y M U S G L A N D    
        P H A G O C Y T E S            
              M A C R O P H A G E S    
P A T H O G E N S                      
    C         T                        
    E         A N T I B O D I E S      
    L         R                        
    L       L Y M P H N O D E S        
    S           E           P          
                L     A N T I G E N    
                A           D       K  
                N         K E R A T I N
                I           R       L  
                N     D E R M I S   L  
                            I       E  
                  B C E L L S       R  
Across Down
1 removes worn-out red blood cells from blood
4 white blood cells travel through this system
6 produces hormones that aid in maturation of white blood cells
7 large cells that eat pathogens and damaged cells
8 these cells kill bacteria by engulfing them
9 immune system keeps these out
11 proteins that recognize and bind to antigens
12 act as filters to trap bacteria
15 triggers immune response
17 tough protein that forms waterproof cover for skin
18 thickest layer of skin
19 provide immunity against pathogens in body fluids
1 these T cells release substances that shut down killer T cells
2 this system removes fluid from around cells and filters out pathogens
3 these T cells produce memory T cells
5 this system is the first line of defense of the immune system
10 provide a defense against abnormal cells inside living cells
13 protects skin from UV rays
14 outer layer of skin
16 these T cells track and destroy tissues that contain antigens
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