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Delivery Systems Crossword Puzzle

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Delivery Systems

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Across Down
2 A chip in the credit cards to help with security
4 Is a convenient and secure way to make payments and transfers to DCU accounts from other financial institutions
7 Cooperative network for Credit Unions that service each other's members
8 Used to set text alerts, set limits and shut-off cards
11 Can be International and Domestic
12 Allows members to have more control and access to their accounts, service requests and loan applications
13 Is a person to person funds transfer program. This will allow a member to transfer money from DCU to a person either at DCU or another financial institution
14 Using your phone to access your accounts
17 Makes it easy for you to quickly and securely switch your current online payments, automated payments and direct deposits from your existing financial institution's accounts to your new account at DCU
1 Notifications to a member's cell phone about their transactions
2 Automated phone system for members to access account information
3 This number can only be changed when logging into Online Banking
5 Electronic deposit or withdrawal from a savings, money market or checking account
6 Along with Relationship Checking can give members a discount on qualifying loans
9 3rd Party vendor that takes loan payments over the phone and after hour calls for the Info Center
10 The website address used to access Online Banking.
15 Responds to member emails and live chat
16 Money can be withdrawn or deposited here. Located in RITE-Aids as well
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