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Denimology Crossword Puzzle

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Denim terms

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Across Down
3 Metal tabs placed at stress points such as pockets to prevent tearing.
6 The color and texture produced by the finishing process of washing the jean.
8 A hand finish that scrapes off the indigo creating subtle high and low contrasts.
11 Describes a studded, painted or special detailing like added sequins or embroidery.
12 The usual four pockets (2 front, 2 back) plus a coin pocket inside of the front right pocket.
15 Physical holes or eliminated fabric through sanding or use of pumice stones. The process of grinding on seams creating holes or destruction to the garment.
19 Created by hand sanding strategic lines.
1 Washing in a large machine with pumice stones that softens and ages the denim.
2 Is created by the use of pumice stones or enzymes that cause a salt and pepper look to the fabric. Refers to the scraping or rubbing of the surface of the fabric giving it a worn or faded look, most often by use of pumice stones.
4 Creates the look of age and wear. It is generally applied to hems, seams, belt loops, pockets and waistbands.
5 A laundry process performed before washing in which jeans are sprayed with sand in order to distress them and cuase a worn-in appearance.
7 Duponts trademark for a spandex fiber.
9 The length of a fabric from the crotch seam to the top or sometimes the bottom of the waistband.
10 Generic name for man-made fibers derived from a resin called segmented polyurethane. It provides ample stretch and shape retention.
13 Buttons and rivets that show on the jean.
14 A blue dye obtained from plants or made synthetically.
16 Denim is produced on old shuttle looms. These looms weave the fabric with one single cross thread (the welt) that is passed back and forth, rather than individual threads for each welt weave. As the welt loops back in the edge of the denim it creates
17 Color added to the garment in the final wash process or a concentrated spray changing the cast of the garment. Usually yellow, green, or browin in tint.
18 A chemical used to create permanent wrinkles and creases on denim giving it a natural, vintage look.
19 The lightness or heaviness of the denim.
20 The seam on the inside of the pant leg.
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