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Dental Anatomy Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Dental Anatomy

Complete Crossword Puzzle

                    C         C       B                      
          D         E         A       I     Q                
          E         M         P       F     U                
          N         E         S       U     A                
          T         N         T       R     D                
          A         T         A       C     R                
          L         U         G       A     A                
          S   P R I M A R Y D E N T I T I O N                
          A   E                       E     T                
          C E R V I C A L L O O P     D     S                
              I                     C                        
        M A L O C C L U S I O N     U   P E N T A G O N      
              D                     S     N                  
A T T R I T I O N                   P   M A M E L O N S      
              N                     T     M                  
              T R I A N G U L A R R I D G E S   M            
              A                     P     L     O            
            C L I N I C A L R O O T       P E G L A T E R A L
              L                       I   E     A            
          T R I F U R C A T E D       N   A     R            
              G                       C   R     S            
      F O S S A                       I   L                  
              M A X I L L A R Y F I R S T                    
              E                       O                      
          C E N T R A L G R O O V E   R                      
          I   T   A                   S                      
          N       M                                          
          G       U                                          
          U       S                                          
Across Down
6 First stage in the dentition when all the primary or deciduous teeth are present
7 The most cervical part of enamel organ responsible for root development
9 Failure to have overall ideal form to the dentition while in centric occlusion
10 What shape do premolars have from the facial view
12 Hard tooth tissue loss caused by tooth-to-tooth contact during mastication or parafunctional habits
13 Rounded enamel extensions on the incised ridge from the labial or lingual views
14 Cusp ridges that descend from the cusp tips toward the central part of the occlusal table
16 Part of anatomic crown visible in the oral cavity and not covered by gingival tissue
17 Lateral incisor crown that is smaller from partial microdontia
19 Term for a tooth with three roots
20 A shallow, wide depression on the lingual surface of the anterior teeth or the occlusal table of the posterior teeth
21 Which premolars have two roots
22 The most prominent developmental groove on the posterior teeth, traveling mesiodistally to separate occlusal table buccolingually
1 Outermost layer of the root of a tooth
2 Third stage of tooth development with dental lamina growing into cap shape
3 Term for a tooth with two roots
4 Tooth germ part consisting of ectomesenchyme surrounding outside of enamel organ
5 Division of each dental arch into two parts with four quadrants in oral cavity
6 Ligament surrounding the teeth that supports and attaches them to alveoli bony surface
8 Is the line with the long axis of the root for both maxillary and mandibular canines when first erupt
11 Small spherical enamel projections on tooth surface
15 Most posterior teeth with firsts, seconds, and thirds
18 First and second anterior teeth from midline
22 The lingual surfaces on all anterior teeth have a BLANK, which is a raised, rounded area on the cervical third of the lingual surface
23 Mandibular plate (s) that extend upward and backward from the body on each side
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