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Deserts Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 one of the top ten deserts, located in Jordan, Syria and Iraq
8 desert in Africa
9 desert in China and Mongolia
10 deserts found in the arctic and the antarctic
12 desert wildlife is particularly vulnerable to....
13 one of the 4 classes of desert; found along the equator. Hottest on earth, up to 120 degrees F
14 a process where tall mountain ranges block rainfall (deserts are cold in the winter)
16 new desert areas are beginning to form through _____________
18 something that is happening in the world that encourages desertification
19 a large plant that grows only in our desert
20 where the aral sea was
21 the cutting down of trees
22 desert in Australia
27 something deserts do not get much of!
1 desert in Argentina and Chili
2 largest desert in the world
3 united states - tenth largest desert in the world
4 class of desert; found on Western edges of certain continents
5 what water does when it dries and disappears
7 desert in the north pole region
11 a word for not managing our resources properly
13 Desert in northern Africa and Egypt
15 a desert receives less than this amount of rainfall each year
17 a mammal adapted to deserts
23 how much of earth's total land mass are deserts
24 desert in the Middle East
25 class of desert; found in Asia, Europe and North America. Cold winter deserts.
26 an increased risk of this happens when water is dried up
28 what dried up to create the youngest desert on the planet
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