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Diary OF A Worm 2 Crossword Puzzle

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Diary of a Worm 2

                  2         3     4                  
            8         9                              
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Across Down
5 something or someone that crawls
8 The seventh month of the year
10 to be in danger or have difficulty, due for punishment
12 chewing gum that is not swallowed
15 a teeth doctor
16 describes something that stays the same for a long time
17 the head of state of a country
18 a special day to be remembered
21 brown holes found in teeth that have not been cleaned properly
24 very unpleasant, ugly or disgusting
26 a man of noble birth who fought for the king or kingdom
1 to bite and work food in the mouth using teeth
2 dirty, untidy, filthy
3 to make a path of dirt inside the house
4 a time of the year when you have no school or work and get to relax
6 sleep
7 amazing, impressive, the best
9 the branch of police that protects the President
11 to stop yourself from doing something
13 someone who works for a country 's Secret Service
14 to be pricked and caused pain by a sharp poisonous animal or plant
19 the part of your body that you sit on
20 the eighth month of the year
21 mixture of rotting plants and vegetables
22 a piece of land surrounded by water, Japan and Australia are islands
23 to place or press the foot on something
25 magazine with stories told using pictures
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