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Digestion Crossword Puzzle

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1 bacteria responsible for most ulcers
4 solid masses formed from food in the stomach when it sits there too long
6 process of breaking down food, either mechanically or chemically
7 J shaped organ where food is partially digested, churned, and stored until released into the small intestine
8 a disorder in which the stomach takes too long to empty its contents
9 a mixture of water, mucus, enzymes and other chemicals that moistens the mouth and food
10 group of glands found under and behind the tongue and beneath the jaw that release saliva
11 condition with the absence of bowel movements for an extended period of time
13 acidic liquid in stomach made up of hydrochloric acid, mucus, and enzymes
15 the largest part of the GI tract where most digestion and absorption take place
16 a tiny flap of tissue, like a trapdoor, covering the entrance to the trachea
17 final organ of the GI tract in which most water is absorbed and feces are formed
19 waves of squeezing and pushing contractions that move food in one direction through the GI tract
21 small finger-like projections on the intestinal wall that help trap nutrient molecules
22 genetic disorder characterized by an inability to absorb a protein called gluten
26 semifluid mass in stomach that consists of partially digested food, water and gastric juices
27 greenish liquid made by the liver that breaks up fat
28 chemicals, usually proteins, that act on other chemicals to speed up body processes
2 live microorganisms found in or added to food to help the bacterial environment and assist in restoring the balance in the gut
3 middle portion of the small intestine
5 gland located behind the stomach that makes and releases hormones such as insulin
8 long tube beginning at the mouth and ending at the anus - also called the alimentary canal
12 first section of the small intestine
13 a painful type of heartburn that occurs more than twice per week
14 triangular wedge that makes cholesterol
18 a tight ring of muscle separating organs of the GI tract that opens to allow food to pass into the next section
20 painful sensation occuring when hydrochloric acid backs up into the lower esophagus
23 liver disease caused by alcohol abuse
24 last portion of the small intestine
25 muscular tube of the GI tract connecting the back of the mouth to the stomach
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