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Digestive Process Crossword Puzzle

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Digestive Process

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Across Down
5 Using mechanical & chemical processes, breaks down the nutrient so it can be absorbed
6 Where water is reabsorbed back into body. Also location of 'gut' bacteria.
8 Where majority of nutrients are absorbed into body.
10 Movement of key nutrients into the blood
11 The 'wave-like' contractions of muscles that moves bolus or chyme along the digestive tract.
12 Getting 'raw' nutrient into your body
13 Type of digestion that breaks food into smaller pieces and uses muscular contractions to 'mix' digestive materials together.
14 System responsible for ingesting, digesting and absorbing key nutrients.
16 The purpose of mechanical digestion is to increase this for mixing with digestive enzymes.
1 A substance that is used by the body for energy, growth or other processes essential to life. 6 are considered 'essential'
2 Type of digestion that uses enzymes and other substances to break down food on a molecular level.
3 Finger-like structure in the intestines that help absorb nutrients
4 A thick liquid of partially digested food produced in the stomach.
5 Break down nutrients into simpler chemicals. Amylase, pepsin and lipase are all examples.
7 A plant material in food that is difficult to digest. Can be soluble or insoluble.
9 Process of elimination of wastes from the body.
15 Major organ in digestion - creates many digestive enzymes such as amylase, trypsin and lipase.
17 Mechanical digestion includes ____ and swallowing.
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