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Digestive System Crossword Puzzle

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Digestive System

fill in the crossword with the correct word.

                                        2   3  
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Across Down
4 the first part of the small intestine; it is C-shaped and runs from the stomach to the jejunum.
8 occurs when chemical reactions occur that breaks down large molecules of food into smaller ones.
10 passes over the epiglottis.
11 moves food through the entire digestive system.
12 a small sac located on the cecum.
14 the part of the large intestine that run downwards after the transverse colon and before the sigmoid colon.
15 increases the surface area of the small intestine.
16 a small, sac-like organ located by the duodenum. It stores and releases bile (a digestive chemical which is produced in the liver) into the small intestine.
17 a type of protein that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction in your body.
18 the part of the large intestine that runs horizontally across the abdomen.
20 process that breaks down food into small molecules so that they can be absorbed and moved into blood.
1 moves out of your stomach and into your small intestine .
2 the first part of the digestive system, where food enters the body. Chewing and salivary enzymes in the mouth are the beginning of the digestive process (breaking down the food).
3 the part of the body that contains the digestive organs. In human beings, this is between the diaphragm and the pelvis
5 takes place when food is chewed, mixed, and churned.
6 the first part of the large intestine
7 he long, coiled mid-section of the small intestine; it is between the duodenum and the ileum.
9 the last part of the small intestine before the large intestine begins.
13 the opening at the end of the digestive system from which feces (waste) exits the body.
19 a large organ located above and in front of the stomach. It filters toxins from the blood, and makes bile (which breaks down fats) and some blood proteins.
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