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Digestive System Crossword Puzzle

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Digestive System

        2         3                                      
                            8     9   10                  
11                                                       12
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Across Down
2 disease causing agents
4 specific defenses that attack the particular disease
5 immunity against antigens and pathogens in the body fluids
6 ka
11 the injection of a weakened form of a pathogen to producw immunity
15 a non specific defense reaction to tissue damage caused by injury
16 short term immunity caused when antibodies
18 type of immunity produced by the bodys reaction
19 animals thast carry pathogen s from person to person
1 the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells:
3 the activated mast cells release chemicals
7 any substance capable of inducing a specific immunhe response and of reacting with products of response
8 a chronic respiratory disease on which the air passages become more narrower than normal
9 substance that triggers the immune response
10 elevated body temperature
12 any change other than a injury that disrupts the normal functions of the body
13 compounds that kill bacteria without harming the cells
14 anything that increases chance of disease
17 a single cell that began to grow and divide uncontrobally
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