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Digestive System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Digestive System

                      A     P                              
                      P     R                              
                      P   B O L U S                        
        C       L I V E R   T                              
        O             N     E     C A R B O H Y D R A T E S
    V I L L I     M   D     I   F   M                      
        O         A L I M E N T A R Y                      
    P A N C R E A S   X     S   T   L                      
                  T           B     A                      
            P E R I S T A L S I S   S                      
                  C           L     E                      
        E S O P H A G U S     E                            
              E P I G L O T T I S                          
                  O             T                          
          S P H I N C T E R     O                          
            H       A   N       M                          
            A       L   Z       A                          
            R       O   Y       C                          
            Y       R   M       H                          
            N       I   E                                  
            X       E   S                                  
Across Down
3 a scientific term for 'chewed food'
5 this organ makes bile
6 nutrients used for usable energy
8 small, finger-like structures in the sm. intestine that absorb nutrients into the blood
11 This 'canal' is synonymous with 'digestive system'
12 this organ makes baking soda and secretes many digestive enzymes
14 rhythmic muscular contractions that move food through digestive system
15 your food-pipe
16 when swallowing, this flap keeps food from entering the trachea
18 the 'cardiac' and 'pyloric' are examples of these rings of muscles
1 a vestigial organ, where the small intestine and large intestine join
2 nutrient used to build and repair tissue
4 another term for 'large intestine'
7 A salivary enzyme that begins to digest starch
9 the scientific term for 'chewing'
10 this is what bile keeps in tiny droplets
13 substance stored in the gall bladder
17 this structure stores and churns food
19 The area where the nasal passage and oral cavity come together
20 unit that measures the energy content of food
21 compounds that cause reactions to occur in your body
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