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Digestive System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Digestive System

                      E   E                  
                P A I N   C Y S T            
                      T   T                  
                D     E   O R O              
          G     U     R   M     G            
          I L E O S T O M Y     A   T O X I C
  C R O H N     D               S     P      
          G     E S O P H A G O T O M E      
  E M E S I S   N           I   R     N      
          V   C O L I T I S     I   S I A L  
L I N G U O     S               C     N      
            E N T E R A L             G E T  
          S I G M O I D                      
          U     Y                            
  H E P A T                                  
          U   E                              
          R   Y                              
        F E C E S                            
                O S I S                      
                P     U                      
            A R Y     B                      
Across Down
3 meaning of dynia and algia
4 word root for bladder
6 combining form for mouth
9 surgery to form a new opening in the ileum
10 word root for poison, my fave Britney spears song
12 chronic inflammation of the ileum
13 instrument to cut the esophagus
15 suffix that means vomiting
16 inflammation of the colon
17 word root for saliva
18 combining form for tongue
19 relating to the small intestine
20 abbreviation for gastric emptying time
21 S shaped portion of the lower descending colon
22 word root for liver
24 body waste, stool
26 suffix that means abnormal condition
28 suffix that means relating to
1 combining form for small intestine
2 suffix that means excision, removal
5 surgery to form a new opening in the duodenum
7 combining form for gums
8 pertaining to the stomach
11 the suffix stomy means forming a mouth or __________.
14 abbreviation for gastrointestinal
21 suffix rrhaphy means to:
23 ophthalmo refers to the ______.
25 suffix that means visual exam
27 prefix that means under, below
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