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Disney's Beauty And The Beast Crossword Puzzle

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Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Characters, From The Film

            3                             4  
5                                     6      
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Across Down
7 A Castle Maid, and Lumiere's Girlfriend, who was turned into a FeatherDuster
8 The Footstool that is really a dog
9 The Pompous Butler Who was turned into a mantle Clock
11 The One who placed the powerful spell upon Prince, the castle and all its inhabitants
12 The Owner of the local Asylum
14 Gaston's other friends at the tavern
15 The Chef was was turned into a Stove
17 Belle and Maurice's loyal Horse
19 A Trio of Blonde-haired triplet girls who all admire Gaston
1 The Unnamed Lady-in-Waiting of the Castle, who was transformed into a wardrobe
2 The Predators in the dark woods
3 The Flamboyant Servant who was Turned into a Candelabra
4 The Self-Righteous Head HouseKeeper who was turned into a Teapot
5 Who The Beast Really Is
6 The Young Woman who Loves to read Books
8 Chip's Brothers and Sisters
10 A Handsome, but Arrogant Hunter, greedily desperate to marry Belle by any means necessary
13 The Hideous Monster Who Really Locked in a Magic Spell
16 Mrs Potts' Young Son who was turned into a teacup
18 Gaston's short lackey
20 An Eccentric elderly Inventor and Belle's Father
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