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                                  1             2         3              
                                              10           11              
              12     13   14       15                                        
                                17                             18          
                                            20             21              
        22     23   24     25   26                                            
  29                             30                                        
31                             32                                          
                                36       37     38                          
                43   44                                                    
Across Down
1 the panther who looks after the man cub
4 Agnes's favorite animal, fluffy
5 minions of Scar
7 leopard turned evil from rage
9 legendary kung fu warrior who slithers
10 bear who kindly takes in the man cub
11 average intelligence
16 five-star joint that Flynn Rider takes Rapunzel to
17 Flynn Rider's real name
19 took the man cub to learn how to make fire
26 smallest of the legendary kung fu warriors, almost invisible in combat
27 female companion to simba
28 the first big thing stolen, Mr. Gru climbed up this to get to Vector's ship where the three girls were
29 the female Macaw Blu is supposed to mate with to save his species
30 Cinderella's soulmate
31 arrogant suitor to Belle
32 British Intelligence
34 Mater's girlfriend
35 king of the lions, killed by brother Scar
36 Princess Aurora
39 drives like a snowmobile
40 ultimate death of Simba's father, almost killed Simba
41 Blu discovers he is not this animal
42 protects Vector's fortress
43 Mulan spills tea and gets ink all over this person
45 carry out Mr. Gru's orders, loyal to him
46 sold to Vector, secret robots in one of the boxes of these
47 evil animal who makes a weapon that can destroy kung fu
48 man cub
49 the only legendary kung fu warrior who flys
2 the voice of the female bird Blu is supposed to mate with
3 helps search for the lost man cub
6 a tiger who is afraid of man's fire
8 the secret ingredient
12 ornithologist who convinces Linda to take Blu to Rio
13 takes her father's place in war
14 Mulan's little dragon
15 a Minnesota thing
18 caught in a tower with paints, a chameleon, and an evil mother
20 Lightning McQueen's mode of transportation
21 the magic ends
22 turtle who can't blow out the candles in the temple
23 the evil witch who put a curse on Princess Aurora
24 cursed with wicked stepsisters and a stepmother
25 legendary kung fu warriors
33 evil bird who goes after Blu and Jewel
37 breaks the spell on Princess Aurora
38 left behind at midnight
43 a horse with a dog's sense of smell
44 legendary kung fu warrior most annoyed when po becomes the dragon warrior
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