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Disney Characters Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Disney Characters

            I   D                                
            C   U                                
            K   M               M                
        H   E   B     L         I     D          
      M A R Y P O P P I N S     N     A          
        N     E       G         N     I   S      
        S     T     C H I C K H I C K S   N     G
P L U T O   L E I A   T         E     Y   O     O
        L     R       N           E       W     O
        O     P     C I N D E R E L L A   W     F
              A       N           S     C H E W Y
              N   P I G L E T     A       I      
W O O D Y             M                   T      
      O               C H I P A N D D A L E      
  G E N I E   P       Q                          
      A       O     B U Z Z L I G H T Y E A R    
      L       O       E             I     L      
      D A R T H V A D E R           N     A      
        U   I     R   N             K     D O R Y
        R   G     I         B E L L E     D      
        O   G     E                 R     I      
        R   E     L           S I M B A   N E M O
        A   R               L       E            
                            U R S A L A          
                            K       L            
Across Down
7 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...
10 thunder; comes after lightning
12 iconic mouse's dog
13 is the sister
15 iconic princess; friends with mice
16 is the hairy creature with the crossbow
17 shy little guy
18 has a snake in his boot
20 chubby punks; like to eat nuts
21 hilarious; never had a friend like him
23 wants to go to infinity and beyond
26 is the father
30 forgetful; lost
31 loves to read; beautiful
32 just can't wait to be king
33 weak limb; lost
35 fat; purple; many lages; sings beautifully; witch
1 iconic mouse; original Disney character
2 can fly; travels with a circus
3 iconic mouse's girlfriend; wears pink or red
4 is the bro
5 is speed, comes before thunder
6 fancy duck
8 he can fly! he can fly! he can fly!
9 rosy cheeks; pale skin; midnight black hair
11 goofy
14 wants to let it go; has anger management issues
19 irratible sailor; squawks
22 chubby; likes to eat honey
24 tiny; believes in faith, trust, and pixie dust
25 Prince Ali; hopeful street rat
27 sleepy
28 the only one
29 wants to be part of our world
34 is the son
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