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Disney Characters Crossword Puzzle

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Disney Characters


                                        2       3        
                            4       5   6                
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          12                 13     14                      
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                        18                 19              
      28             29                                    
    30       31                                            
33               34           35   36     37     38            
                    40                 41                  
                                  44       45              
Across Down
3 he grants you three wishes
4 he just couldn't wait to be king
6 she dates Kristoff and is the sister of Elsa
8 the villain in Aladdin
9 a mermaid princess
12 gets kidnapped and lives in a castle then falls in love with a monster
14 mother of Mal and has a pet crow
16 has an accent you can never understand
17 He has a pet reindeer named Sven
19 a happy pig
20 father of Simba
21 lover of Simba
22 the underwater sea witch who stole Ariel's voice for a pair of human legs
24 loves honey
25 known for his big hat and his catchphrase Garsh
26 her and Peter Pan like each other
29 Mother of Carlos
30 he is very angry and wears a tall hat
32 has a hook fora hand
33 she's a waitress and kissed a frog
34 she screams very loudly and is a royal in a deck of cards
39 the talking bird who is the sidekick of Jafar
40 the Chinese princess who pretends to be a man to fight
41 the sad donkey
42 the monster lives in a castle with Belle
43 a happy tiger
44 Jasmine's father
1 he can fly with his pixie dust
2 A princess who lives in Agrabah
5 fell asleep on her sixteenth birthday
7 the funny snowman
10 the princess has orange hair and can shoot an arrow like a master
11 the crab who sings Under the sea
13 disney rodent who lives in a clubhouse
14 likes Mickey and is the cute mouse
15 the tiny dragon of Mulan
16 wife of Donald
17 Ariel's father
18 a street rat who has a pet monkey
19 his nose grows longer every time he lies
23 is as short as a finger and is in Pinocchio
27 a princess who has ice powers
28 no one is quick like him or slick or has a incredibly thick neck
31 goes into a magical place by stepping in a rabbit hole
35 a fish in Little mermaid who is Ariel's best friend
36 mother of Evie
37 she is a fairy who is with Peter Pan
38 the dog who lives in the club house
44 the mean lion who kills Mufasa
45 the pet monkey of Aladdin
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