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Disney Trivia Crossword Puzzle

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Disney Trivia

                          1   2       3                  
                      8               9       10          
                11                 12                      
              13                       14                  
18       19         20                           21          
22             23                                          
                  24   25           26         27            
Across Down
5 Kuzco turns into what animal
7 It means no worries
9 what is the name of Vanellope's game
11 Goofy's sons name
15 Quasimodo rings the bells in which cathedral
16 What the name of the school in High School Musical
17 which wing is Belle forbidden to visit
20 whats the name of the town in cars
22 Mike and Sulley join which fraternity in monsters university
24 Flora, Fauna and
27 How many daughters does King Triton have
28 The mother of Toulouse and Berlioz
29 The only dwarf without a beard
30 who is experiment 626
1 The name of one of cinderella's step sisters
2 Nick Wilde is in which movie
3 The setting of Princess and the Frog
4 which country is Mia Thermopolis heir to
6 Tony's Restaurant is in this movie
8 Who is Andy's neighbour
10 whats the girls name in inside out
12 What is the name of Wendy's dog
13 What alias does Mulan give herself
14 Who is 150 years old and still young
18 Mickey Mouse's first spoken words
19 Rajah belongs to
21 who is the film Brave dedicated to
23 The name of Rapunzel's side kick
25 who belongs to the wilderness explorers
26 Copper is the dog but who is the Fox
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