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Disorders OF The Heart Crossword Puzzle

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Disorders of the Heart

                1                               2  
          7                                       8
Across Down
5 limited to portion of myocardium beneath epicardium
6 *L side heart failure - result of rheumatic fever (autoimmune inflammatory response)
7 plaque build up in coronary arteries
10 myocardium does not receive enough blood(oxygen) / chest pain
11 inability of heart to pump enough blood to meet body's needs / to vital organs
12 limited to inner portion of myocardium
13 heart muscle becomes abnormally enlarged, thickened or stiffened, decreased ability to pump (primary or secondary)
14 mitral valve most commonly affected
15 extends full thickness of myocardium
16 heart attack, caused by lack of blood supply to the heart / L ventricle most commonly affected
1 interference with the heart's electrical conduction system
2 inflammation of pericardial membranes usually due to infection or blunt force trauma / - edema (pressure prevents heart from being able to expand / pump as much blood)
3 caused by abnormal movement of blood
4 often called Cardiac Arrest - electrical activity but no coordinated mechanical activity / no cardiac output -- sudden death
8 occurs in valves previously damages by RHD or other (infective/bacterial)
9 term used to discuss any changes or deviation from the normal heart rate or rhythm of the heart
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