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Dizzy Gillespie Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Dizzy Gillespie

              S A L T P E A N U T S    
      B I R K S                        
            J A M S E S S I O N S      
              T                     B  
            B E N T T H E B E L L   I  
              D                     G  
H O T H O U S E                     B  
              P H I L A D E L P H I A  
              A                     N  
    P A R K E R                     D  
              T H E L O N I O U S      
        N I N E                 C     C
              N O R T H C A R O L I N A
  T R U M P E T           F     O     L
                          R     W     L
                          O     N     O
                          C     I     W
                          U     S     A
                          B     H     Y
Across Down
2 This song combined Parker and Gillespie as they parodied the street vendors in NYC.
3 Real name was John _________ Gillespie
4 These were how many bebop artists developed the style. They weren't organized rehearsals.
6 When someon fell on Dizzy's trumpet, it did this... which gave his trumpet his trademark look.
7 Another one of Dizzy's big Bebop hits.
8 In 1935 he and his family moved here.
9 While touring in 1940, Dizzy met our bebop saxophonist. (Last name only)
10 ___________ Monk, a phenomenal piano player, would join Parker and Gillespie on jam sessions.
11 Dizzy was the youngest of _________ children.
14 Went to the Laurinburg Institute in _____________ because the school needed a trumpet player.
16 Dizzy's main instrument
1 Later in his life, Dizzy toured a wide variety of countries on a cultural mission from this group.
5 Dizzy Gillespie always wanted to lead one of these.
12 It was this kind of behavior that got him the nickname 'Dizzy.'
13 His big band, one of the highest-paid black bands in New York, was where Dizzy started fusing jazz and Afro-Cuban.
15 Dizzy discovered this sound with the band of Alberto Socarras.
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