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Dna, Pcr And Genetic Counseling Crossword Puzzle

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DNA, PCR and Genetic Counseling

Use the correct vocabulary terms to complete the crossword puzzle

          5 6                        
            12                 13      
Across Down
3 A short piece of DNA or RNA that is complementary to a section of template strand, acts as an attachment site
5 Moving a large piece of a chromosome from one to another
8 A DNA synthesis enzyme that can withstand the high temp in PCR
9 This condition consists of havign one small and one large letter
10 Type of mutation caused by adding a single base-pair
12 The machine that conducts the PCR process
15 Type of mutation that omits a base pair
16 a condition or disease the requires both 'little letters'
17 A map of all the chromosomes of a human (1-23)
19 A disease or condition that is only found on the X chromosome, example Color Blindness
20 A technique that involves coppying short pieces of DNA and then making millions of copies
1 A disease of condtion that requires only 1 'large letter'
2 combining compimentary nucleic acids in a process of heating and cooling
4 the genes that make up all living things
6 cuts up DNA molucle into small fragments
7 A discrete unit of hereditary information consisting of a specific nucleotide sequence of DNA
11 heating up of DNA to 94 degrees, breaking apart hydrogen bonds
13 This represents a female on a pedigree map
14 all of an organisims genetic material, including all of its genes
18 A diagram or dipiction of a family that tracks a disease or condition
19 This represents a male and a pedigree diagram
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