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Dna Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Please Complete the Following Crossword Over DNA

                    C               N              
                    O               U       G      
            A       P               C   F   U      
            D E O X Y R I B O N U C L E I C A C I D
A D E N I N E                       E   V   N      
            N I T R O G E N O U S   U   E   I      
            O                       S       N      
        B A S E P A I R I N G               E      
          D E O X Y R I B O S E                    
      H Y D R O G E N                              
    C Y T O P L A S M                              
          D O U B L E H E L I X                    
            S                       W              
            P H O S P H A T E       E              
            H                       A              
          W A T S O N A N D C R I C K              
  C O V A L E N T                                  
Across Down
6 What does the term DNA stand for?
7 Which base pairs with Thymine?
8 What type of base makes up the 4 different bases within the nucleotide?
9 What do we call the rule that matches the bases with a certain partner at all times?
10 What type of sugar is inside of the Nucleotide?
11 Bond that holds the bases together in the middle of the 'ladder.'
12 What is the DNA found within in a Prokaryotic cell?
13 What is the shape of DNA? (Twisted Ladder)
15 What is the part of the Nucleotide that sticks out toward the 5-Prime End?
16 Who discovered the shape of the DNA molecule? Both names with and in the middle. Opposite of alphabetical order.
17 Bond that holds the nucleotide together. This connects the sugar to the phosphate and base.
1 What does it mean to replicate something? (Duplicate)
2 Where is the DNA found within a Eukaryotic cell?
3 What base pairs with Cytosine?
4 What does the term ATP stand for?
5 How many Carbon's are within the sugar in DNA?
14 Hydrogen bonds are described as a ________ type of bond.
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