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Dna And Genetics Crossword Puzzle

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DNA and Genetics

Michelle Tychalski

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Across Down
2 contain the complete set of necessary chromosomes
5 The first allele is dominant and the second allele is recessive. For genes on an autosome (any chromosome other than a sex chromosome), the alleles and their associated traits are autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive.
6 The set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of it genotype with the inviroment
8 Something that makes a male and female genetics to form into a zygote
10 The genetic constitution of an individual organism
11 DNA replication is the process by which a double-stranded DNA molecule is copied to produce two identical DNA molecules
12 Alternative forms of a given gene are called alleles and they can be dominant or recessive
13 They form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA
15 Genomic DNA that does not encode proteins and whose function if it has one is not well understood
20 A gene that has a form of trait that seems to disappear in a population but can reappear
1 a fibrous substance consisting of polysaccharides and forming the major constituent in the exoskeleton of arthropods and the cell walls of fungi.
3 The production of a phenotype that is intermediate to those of the 2 homozygous parents
4 Deoxyribonucleic acid
7 A segment of a DNA or RNA molecule containing into coding for a protein
9 A locus in genetics is the position of a gene on a chromosome
14 A father or mother
16 A gene locus when its cells contain 2 different alleles of a gene
17 Type of cell division that contain two daughter cells
18 The passing of physicld
19 A unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring
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