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Dog Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

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Dog Nutrition

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Across Down
4 This nutrient in a diet provides energy, adds flavor to foods, and aides absorbtion of vitamins
6 A diagram representing each of the basic food groups to be eaten each day
8 One of several foods known to be dangerous for a dog's heart and nervous system
10 Food ingredients must be listed by their _____ name
11 This ingredient helps to build and repair muscles and other body tissues
12 An energy source in the form of sugars that comes from plants and grains
13 This word in the ingredient name indicates it has been minimally processed
14 Health risk associated with being overweight
15 Not a required nutrient, but it helps with weight control, colon health, and digestion
16 A lack of energy or vigor; a lack of interest or enthusiasm
17 These molecules are broken down in the small intestine from carbohydrates
18 These are considered the building blocks of proteins
20 Responsible by law to include their contact information on a food label
23 Equipment used to feed orphaned puppies formula
24 This is essential in eliminating wastes, regulating body temperature, preventing hydration, and transporting nutrients.
25 The condition of being grossly fat or overweight
1 A unit of food energy consumed through eating and drinking
2 Made up of animal control officials and is not a government agency
3 Example of one 'life stage' for a dog
5 A contaminant found in stagnant ponds and lakes which can result in damage to kidneys, liver, intestines, and nervous system.
6 Labeling for dog food is regulated by this federal organization
7 An animal that can process carbohydrates as a source of energy
9 To accustom a young animal to food other than its mother's milk
10 Vitamins or minerals are usually listed by their _____ name
16 Labels on dogfood packages must be included because it is the _____
19 Vitamins and _____are supplied from fruits and vegetables in a dog's diet
21 A hard calcified deposit that forms on the teeth and contributes to their decay
22 A commercial formula fed to puppies
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