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Drama Crossword Puzzle

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                      1                             2                    
                                          4 5                            
                6         7                                              
              8                         9                                
            10     11                                     12                
                                    13           14                        
                              16                             17            
19                         20                                              
                  21                         22                            
                          23                                 24            
                            26                             27              
                              29         30   31                            
Across Down
4 afternoon performance of a show
6 break between sections of a performance
9 theatre that plays liturgical plays depicting the birth and resurrection of Christ
10 the process of arranging the moves of actors during the play
12 is a display of emotions, a representation of relationships and the portrayal of the different phases of human life
13 refers to the type of play
16 the acknowledgement of applause by actors –– the bows
18 a sequence of performance of the same production
19 speech made by a character when he is alone
20 part of the stage nearest to the audience
21 the out of view areas to the sides of the acting area
22 organization of the play
23 these are the techniques and methods used by the playwright and director to create the desired stylistic effect
24 a serious play about a great individual who is at war with himself, with his society or with the world around him
25 a ludicrous exaggeration of comic actions and highly improbable situations
26 a short piece of entertainment that is presented between the acts or major scenes in a play
27 introductory part of the play
28 a satiric treatment of some well-known play or style of a play
29 actors who play various plays in a drama have the very important responsibility of bringing the characters to life
32 comprises of the melody in the use of sounds and rhythm in dialogue as well as melodious compositions, which form a part of many plays
1 a place for actors to enact their story
2 a “dumb show”
3 to prepare the stage for action ; the complete stage setting for a scene or act
5 group of people who watch the play
7 professional players
8 also called a theatre
11 command, signal to technical department to carry out an operation
12 spoken text of a play – conversations between characters
14 a play characterized by an excess of pathetic situations and thinness of characterization
15 a performance as it will be “on the night”
17 he is responsible for the overall artistic vision of a production
27 the main audience area
29 a group of performers in a Greek play who witness action; express their feelings regarding it. They represent the elders of the city
30 a light-hearted play that ends happily
31 presented at the end of the play
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