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Drawing Basics Crossword Puzzle

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Drawing Basics

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Across Down
2 The level of the viewer in relation to a drawing 3-5
5 Wooden implement for colour drawing
6 the act of presenting work to an audience
7 Drawing tools using ink and felt tip
9 estimated shortening of features in Perspective drawing according to viewing angles
11 the opposite of Matt
14 figures used in drawing to represent drawing scale 5-7
16 mixing of colours
17 drawing method used to give realistic a view
20 Points on a drawing where parallel lines appear to recede into the distance 9-6
21 the chamfered edge of a markers broad felt tip 7-4
23 translucent adhesive tape that can be re-positioned 9-4
26 not using equipment
27 Relationship of drawing size to life size
28 coloured sticks in chalk or oil types
29 Colour applied to represent materials and finishes
30 the pointiest part of a Markers broad felt tip
31 tactile feature
32 intense bright areas of a drawing
33 Level of shade or contrast
34 a series of markers used to add shade to rendering
1 a tool for drawing fine lines 4-5
3 the opposite of gloss
4 basic forms used to construct drawings 4-5
6 a grid used to assist drawing in perspective 11-4
8 bright areas in a drawing
10 the widest point of our markers broad felt tip
12 a rough drawing style using minimal tools and equipment
13 producing a visual using line
15 dark areas in a drawing
18 Used to represent a material, a finish, and or a look
19 a mark used to create drawings
22 a marker colour used to represent gold or brass in rendering 6-5
24 paper used for marker drawing rendering 6-5
25 relationship of one dimension to a relative dimension
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