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Driver Distractions Crossword Puzzle

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Driver Distractions

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Across Down
1 Parents need to talk to their teens, set clear expectations and consequences and ______ the behavior they expect
6 There is no safe way to consume food or _______ while driving your vehicle.
9 Multitasking takes your __________ away from driving and is extremely dangerous.
10 Nearly 40% of young _________ send and receive text messages while driving.
11 An estimated 1.6 ___________ crashes are caused by drivers using cell phones each year.
12 34 percent of teens that text and drive and don't think they will get _____ .
15 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that driver distractionis a factor in 25% of ______.
16 Driver's on cell phones tend not to see _____ of what's in their driving environment.
17 Driving should be your ________ priority when at the wheel.
1 Modify your voice mail __________ to say you are unable to answer calls or return messages while driving.
2 Adjust controls - radio, _______, seat, AC - only when stopped or before driving.
3 The leading cause of distracted driving crashes was ' outside ______ '
4 A driver's odds of being involved in a crash or near-crash are nearly twice as high when the driver looks away from the road for two __________ or longer.
5 In a Nationwide insurance survey, 3 out of 4 drivers admitted to talking and almost 1 out of 5 admitted to _______ while driving.
7 If you are caught violating California’s cell phone laws, you will be cited and face a ______ fine of $161 with subsequent violations being higher.
8 Driver distraction is a _______ problem, and we all have a role in solving it
13 Longer commutes, heavier _________ and in-vehicle technology all contribute to driver distraction.
14 Drivers should not be reaching for objects within the _________ .
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