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Driving Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Driving Terms

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Across Down
2 The area where you cant see when driving are known as ______?
5 A ________ is used when entering a highway.
8 How old do you have to be to recieve a basic driver's license?
9 Driving while using drugs or alcohol is known as a ____?
10 The speed limit in a business district is ______mph.
11 Visitors with a foreign drivers license who travel to the U.S should caryy a an ____?
12 You should _____ ______ before entering a curve.
14 An orange triangle sign with a red border means that there is a __________ vehicle.
15 You should slowly take your foot off the petal and get off the roadway when you get a _________.
18 A _____________ is to allow the driver to slow down when leaving a highway
1 In the ______ law, the host may become involved in a law suit if someone leaves their home and has an accident.
3 What type of insurance must every driver have in the State of NJ?
4 What do the people sitting in the front have to wear?
6 A high BAC can only be lowered by _____?
7 This affects the driver's thinking, slows reaction time, and can give a false feeling that he/she can do anything
13 A provisional license lasts for ______ year(s).
16 What does a triangle sign mean?
17 What color is a construction sign?
19 Your hands on the wheel should be a the nine and _____ o'clock positions.
20 What shape is a stop sign?
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