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Dyeing And Printing Fabrics Crossword Puzzle

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Dyeing and Printing Fabrics

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Across Down
6 This means the dyes in a fabric will not fade or change with laundering, dry-cleaning, time and use.
7 In _________ printing, the design is transferred from special pre-printed paper onto the fabric using heat and pressure.
9 ________________ printing combines elements of roller and screen printing. Dye is forced through openings in cylinders and applied as the fabric rolls past.
10 ________________ is done after the fibers are spun into yarns but before they are woven/knitted into fabrics.
13 ________________ is the least expensive dyeing method.
18 A process that removes colors and impurities in fabrics before dyeing or printing.
19 ________ dyeing is usually best for fabrics that will be woven into stripes, plaids, and checks.
1 The original color of un-dyed manufactured fibers.
2 A process for adding color, pattern, or design to the surface of fabrics.
3 _______ printing is done with etched copper cylinders that roll through dye and then onto fabric. Each color needs a new cylinder.
4 Natural or synthetic substances that give color to textiles.
5 The most common and economical way to add pattern to most fabrics.
8 The original color of un-dyed natural fibers.
11 ______ dyeing is the most uniform and colorfast method of dyeing.
12 After being knitted or woven , but before any dye has been added, fabric is called ______ goods.
14 In ______ printing, the design is sent from a computer to basically a giant ink-jet or laser printer.
15 In ______ dyeing, the clothing and threads will match almost perfectly because they were dyed together at the same time in the same dyebath.
16 ______ printing is often used in the home furnishings market because it lends itself to large designs.
17 ________ dyeing is done after the yarns are woven/knitted into fabrics but before they are constructed into garments.
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