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Early Adolescent Development Crossword Puzzle

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Early Adolescent Development

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Across Down
1 This gender is more likely to experience anxiety.
3 Extreme hormone changes in early adolescents.
4 Who has the MOST influence on teens?
8 A key skill for group participation and to succeed in life.
10 Teens should get this much sleep.
12 Teens show concern about _______________to fit in.
13 Teens age 11-14
15 Early adolescents find their______________
16 Grow stronger relationships with this peer group.
17 Teens want __________to be treated like an adult.
18 An activity that promotes intellectual learning.
19 Panic attacks, and sleep loss are examples.
20 Teens need this much exercise daily.
22 This graphic shows how much of what category of food to consider eating.
23 Teens think they can do anything with no consequences.
24 The main cause of anxiety.
2 This encourages teens to work together and use time wisely.
5 Teens often see musicians and sports figures as__________________
6 The most important meal of the day.
7 Friends that influence you in a 'good' way.
9 The percent of teen that are NOT involved in exercise.
11 Start to plan for the future.
14 Teen are working on increasing their________________
18 Adolescents may commit suicide or self-harm because of___________
21 Peer pressure can lead to _______________________
24 Adolescents become interested in_____________.
25 Teens need emotional support from_______________
26 Young adults should _______________to prevent diseases such as obesity.
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