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Earth And Space Crossword Puzzle

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Earth and Space

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Across Down
2 frozen rain drops
4 an imaginary center line around which the Earth rotates
5 an opening in the Earth's crust from which steam, lava, and ashes erupt.
8 the outermost layer of Earth
10 formed when sediments are layers, squeezed, and cemented together
11 the changing of a liquid into a gas
12 formed when lava or magma cools and hardens
13 water leaving the cloud as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
18 the changing of a gas to a liquid
19 a tool use to measure wind speed
21 the shaking of the Earth's surface caused by the release of energy along a fault
1 one full orbit of an object around another object
3 a tool used to measure air pressure
4 the layer of gases that surround Earth and other planets
6 the path that water takes as it evaporates, condenses, falls to Earth, and evaporates
7 the process that breaks down rocks
9 is formed when existing rock is heated at high pressures and temperatures
14 the center part of Earth
15 the layer of Earth between the crust and the core
16 one whole spin of the Earth on its axis
17 the average of weather conditions over a long period of time
20 the movement of sediment away from one place
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