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Eastern Europe And The Middle East Crossword Puzzle

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Eastern Europe and the Middle East

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Across Down
6 Capital of Iraq
8 What two contients does Russia stretch across?
9 Russia has the longest continuous _____________of any country
10 Which two nations in the region of Southwest Asia have dmocratic government
11 an arc of rich land running through Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq
13 Where in the frmer Soviet Union did an accident involving nuclear energy techonolgy has long-term negative environmental and health consquences
14 larege region once controlled by Turkey
18 set of religious beliefs basted on a strict interpretation of a scared text
21 rich topsoil that is good for agriculture
22 a member of a movement to promote the establishment of an independent Jewish state
1 name meaning 'father of the Turks' given to Mustafa Kemal
2 What mountain range forms a border between Russia and Southwest Asia
3 without religous influence
4 land governed on behalf of the League of Nations until it was ready for indpendence
5 ethnic minority in Turkey
7 extension of desert landscape due to overgrazing and changes caused by humans
12 What economic activity is located in the taiga of Russia
15 A state of lawlessness
16 acient land on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea claimed as homeland by both Arabs and Jews
17 Restriction on trade
19 an Islamic religious leader
20 system using pipes and canals to bring water to dry croplands
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