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Ecology Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 a group of the same species living together
6 chemical substance that an organism needs to sustain life
11 process of converting nitrogen gas into nitrogen compounds that plants can absorb and use
12 process by which soil bacteria convert nitrates into nitrogen gas
14 how primary producers make energy without light
15 relies on others for energy
16 illustration of the relative amounts of energy or matter contained within each trophic level in a given food chain or food web
17 bottom of the food chain gets energy from the sun
19 a group of similar organisms that can breed and produce fertile offspring
21 single essential nutrient that limits productivity in an ecosystem
23 turns carbon dioxide light energy and water into oxygen and carbohydrates
24 total amount of living tissue within a given trophic level
25 floating plants particles in water
28 all places on earth with similar climates and species
29 multiple paths showing what eats what in an ecosystem
30 any place on or around the earth that contains life
31 all the organisms that live in a place, together with their nonliving environment
32 meat eater
1 study of the relationships between organisms and their environment
3 nonliving
4 floating microscopic animals in water
5 chemically breaks down the food it gets
7 one way path showing what eats what in an ecosystem
8 different populations living in the same ecosystem
9 eats carcasses of dead animals
10 process in which elements, chemical compounds, and other forms of matter are passed from one organism to another and from one part of the biosphere to another
13 provides for itself
18 organism that feeds on plant and animal remains and other dead matter
20 living
22 each step in the food chain or web
26 plant eater
27 meat and plant eater
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