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Economics Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
8 private organizations they try to persuade public officials to act in their interest
10 people decide when, what, and how they buy or sell
11 basic facilities that are needed for a society to function and grow
13 income level below whay is needed to support a family or household
14 study of economic behavior of a small unit such as a family or single business
16 possessions people control and use as they wish
18 require companies to provide information about their products or services
19 economic transactions involving individuals and businesses
20 anyone can compete in the marketplace
21 a law prevented directly to the public for approval
22 gives the exclusive right to produce or sell a product to the inventor
23 study of economic behavior of a nations whole economy
26 gives the author or artist exclusive rights to publish and sell their work
27 someone who benefits from a service or good without paying
28 ecomonic side effect that create benefits or cost to someone others than those involved in the activity
29 a commitment to the value to work
1 everyone has the same legal rights
2 economic transactions involving the government
3 love of one's country
4 people choose the aggrements they enter into
5 government right to take private property for public use
6 good or services provided free or at reduced cost
7 incentive to improve one's material well-being
9 the total value of all goods and services a nation produces in a year
12 agency that require companies to provide information about atheir products or services
15 concerns of society as a whole
17 a period of economic expansion followed by a decline or contraction
23 when the free market does not distribute resources efficiently
24 when older products or processes go out of date
25 direct payment of money by government to the poor, disabled, or retired
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