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Economics Crossword Puzzle

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Read the sentences carefully and give your answer in the puzzle.

Across Down
2 A system in which economic decisions are controlled by the government.
3 The increase in revenue from the sale of one additional unit of output.
4 Method by which governments distribute resources, produce goods and services and trade these goods and services.
5 An economic system in which free markets operate with some level of government intervention.
6 Structures that allow buyers and sellers to exchange different goods and services in exchange for money.
7 The point at which supply and demand are equal.
8 A market structure wherre only one firm produces and sells a product in the market.
9 Occurs when there is a change in quantity demanded or supplied, owing to factors other than price.
1 The amount of goods or services that a producer is willing and able to sell at any given period of time.
2 Goods which are usually used together to satisfy a demand.
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