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Economics Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 costs of the new best alternative use of money, time or resources when one choice is made rather than another
4 a legal right to or in a particular property
5 any regulation or policy that restricts international trade
6 making an economic exchange
7 act of buyers and sellers freely and willingly engaging in market transactions
9 measure of the amount of output produced with a given amount of productive factors
11 fundamental economic problem facing all societies that results from a combination of scarce resources and people’s virtually unlimited wants
12 both sides benefit from trade
14 assignment of tasks to the workers, factories, regions, or nations that can perform them more efficiently
1 government payment to encourage or protect a certain economic activity
2 the ability of an individual or group to carry out an economic activity, such as production, at a lower cost and more efficiently than another entity
8 an order of a government prohibiting the movement of merchant ships into or out of its ports
10 limit on the amount of a good that is allowed into a country
13 tax placed on an imported product
15 alternative that must be given up when one choice is made rather than another
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