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Economics Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 Includes people who are not in a paid job, but are actively looking for one
9 Comprises of people employed and unemployed
10 Income earned through services
11 Unemployment during particular times of the year
13 The allocation of resources in the present and saving for the future
14 Income before the deduction of taxes
15 A combination of goods and services to maximise the benefit of society
16 A company or enterprise which produces a product exclusively
17 Unemployment between jobs
18 Unemployment due to a person's conditions i.e they have been recently incarcerated or they are disabled
21 A company in a market that strives to be a monopoly
25 Unemployment due to a mismatch of skills between workers
27 Expresses the labor force as a percentage of the working age population
28 Unemployment due to voluntary means
30 Productivity maximised and the average cost of production kept to a minimum
37 Unemployment due to a lack pf aggregate demand
1 Disposable income plus a set of benefits through indirect government benefits
2 The total supply of goods and services
3 Unemployment that is not reflected in official unemployment statistics
4 Income earned through private means
5 Unemployment that is the structural and supply side of the labour force
7 A market which has a small number of sellers and producers
8 The value of your assets minus obligations or liabilities
12 The measure of income that takes into account the size of the household
19 The value of your assets
20 Things used to produce goods and services
22 Includes people who are in a paid job for 1 hour or more a week
23 Earned and unearned income
24 Limited amount of goods or products
26 Income earned through Centrelink
29 Sum of all earnings before the deduction of taxes
31 A body or group responsible for the decision making of alternative options
32 Income after tax
33 A high demand for limited products
34 The foregoing of a good or service for the next best thing
35 How rapidly a producer or economy can relocate resources
36 The under-utilisation of worker's skills thus they have less working hours
38 The total amount of goods and services
39 Most commonly used indicator for understanding the conditions of the labour market
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