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Ecuador Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Kaylee Troxel really _____ you.
6 What is Ecuador's 'most bizarre' dish?
8 The __________ volcano is pictured on Ecuador's coat of arms.
9 In addition to Ecuador and Colombia, what other country was a part of Gran Colombia?
10 Who was the first people group to arrive in Ecuador in the 15th century?
11 The active volcano __________ rises 16,500 feet.
13 The _________ Islands belong to Ecuador.
14 The ________ volcano is the tallest active volcano in the world.
15 In what state was Kaylee born?
18 Which volcano, in the Cotopaxi National Park, reaches 15,600 feet?
19 What is Kaylee Troxel's middle name?
20 What is the capitol of Ecuador?
21 What country did Ecuador gain independence from?
1 ________ is a colorful taffy found in most candy shops.
2 Which type of music was originally played as native wedding music?
4 Simon ______ was the South American liberator who helped Ecuador gain its independence.
5 What animal, native to Ecuador, is related to the llama?
7 Red, blue, and ______ are the 3 colors in Ecuador's flag.
8 Roman ___________ is the primary religion in Ecuador.
12 Independence day in Ecuador is ______ 10th.
16 The city of _____ is a popular site for jungle adventures.
17 Which city is the home of 'New Cathedral'?
18 Ecuador's government type is ________.
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