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Ehrlich- Nervous System Crossword Puzzle

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Ehrlich- Nervous System

Nervous System

                        1                   2                    
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Across Down
1 profound state of unconsciousness
4 prolonged or inability to sleep
5 word part meaning sensation or feeling
6 recurring episodes of seizures of varying degrees
7 lower level of consciousness marked by listlessness, drowsiness, and apathy
8 inflamation of the spinal cord or bone marrow
9 reading disorder caused by inability to process symbols
11 inflammation within the brain
13 false personal belief despite proof to the contrary
14 burning or prickling sensation
15 abnormal and excessive sensitivity to touch
16 brief loss of consciousness due to lack of blood flow to the brain
17 cerebral spinal fluid build up in the brain
18 significant developmental delay, including speech and language
19 slowly progressive decline in mental abilities
20 a sensory perception experienced in the absenceof external stimulation
22 excessive or abnormal fear
23 congenital herniation of the meninges through a defect in the skull or spinal cord
25 sudden and uncontrollable brief periods of falling asleep during the day
26 unresponsive state from which a person can be aroused only briefly
1 violent shaking up or jarring of the brain
2 condition when a person acts as if they have an physical or mental illness and do not
3 persistent , severe burning pain
10 the absence of normal sensation
12 excessive fear of close spaces
18 excessive fear of heights
21 disorder involving sudden and severe mental
23 inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain
24 mental activities associated with thinking, learning, and memory
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