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Ehrlich Muscle Crossword Puzzle

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Ehrlich Muscle

                2                 3       4                    
                    5   6                                      
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                        10 11                                    
                  14                         15                  
                  18   19                                        
                            23               24                  
                                    25       26                  
Across Down
1 quick involuntary jerking of a muscle or group of muscles
9 impairment to the voluntary muscles
10 inflammation of the tissue surrounding the elbow
12 paralysis is all four exrtemities
13 inflammation of the tendon and synovial membrane
14 slow movement
16 lack of muscle coordination
19 suppresses smooth muscle contraction
20 opening into the tendon
21 loss, weakness or wasting away of body tissue
22 abnormal or increased muscle activity
24 loss of muscle mass related to aging
26 hiccups, myoclonus of the diaphragm
27 rupture of a muscle
28 diminished tone of the skeletal muscles
1 repair of a muscle injury
2 parlysis of both legs and the lower part of the body
3 abnormal fibrous band that hold structures together
4 study of the human factors that
5 ringlike muscle
6 herniation of muscle throug a tear in the fascia
7 lacking normal muscle tone
8 slanted or at an angle
9 impairment of voluntary movement
11 simultaneous
15 a slight paralysis or weakness affecting only one side of the body
17 Stiff neck or wry neck
18 Weakness or slight muscle paralysis
22 total parlysis affecting only one side of tghe body
23 freeing of fibrous bands of the tendon
25 surgical suturing of tendon to bone
27 degeneration of muscle tissue
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